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ecstatic cacao journey

at the broadcaster, white city
Sunday 1st October
10:00 11:30am

Connect to your heart, express freely & welcome pure joy.

Opening with Ceremonial Cacao, you will be guided through a meditative journey and embodied movement practice which will lead into free movement and ecstatic dance. A morning to let go, ignite your soul and feel ecstatic!


Cacao is a subtle plant medicine that has been used anciently in Central and South American cultures for decades for the medicinal properties and spiritual ability to open the energy of the heart, making it a powerful ally for inner work.


Christine Cara is a guide for yoga, embodiment & inner exploration. Creating spaces to deepen the connection to yourself and seek the truest, most embodied version of who you are. She holds space with love and the intention to create joy, freedom and authenticity.


£20 per person

includes 90 min class with a cup of cacao

a complimentary fresh juice with any main meal ordered


This class will be held at The Broadcaster, White City, overlooking White City's iconic Television Centre. If you’re sticking around after for a bite to eat, we’ll get you a complimentary fresh juice with any main meal ordered.

Please arrive in the space 5 minutes before, with comfy clothing or yoga wear, bring warm socks, eye mask (if you have one) for the meditation part of class. 

Location: The Broadcaster 89 Wood Lane London, W12 7FX.

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